Back of House

 About Viki

     Viki Yuan was born and raised in Guangdong province, China. She is fluent in bothMandarin and Cantonese She is now studying for her BFA degree at Academy of Art, San Francisco.

    She has been interested in fashion since she was 13 years old. She was inspired by VogueMagazine runway edition. She wanted to dive into the fashion industry. In Academy of Art,She has learnt the garment styling skills, product styling skills, personal styling tactics and fashion marketing knowledge.

    Living in San Francisco, there are countless resource for Viki to utilize. She always keeps her eyes on the fashion trends, and she like to observe and touch the products in the stores. She believes that style originates form real life. You have to go see the real material to actually style it. Besides school, she also collaborates with local photographers and models, which build up her styling skills and portfolio.

Mission Statement

    Living in San Francisco, Viki realized what a busy life people have. There are majority great stores in the city but people who work all the time have no time to shop, while they still want to keep on trend. Therefore, Viki would like to work with these potential clients. With flexible schedule meet for clients. Viki aims to work with clients for their best interests and make them still look fashionable with busy work schedules.

Marketing Strategy

·      Free first time consultation.

·      Collaborate with editorial hair and make-up artists.

·      Half price off from alternation and dry clean.

Target market

·      Age: 28-35

·      Office workers in start up companies, homemakers.

·      Location: San Francisco, Oakland, CA.

Target market are focus on both female and male, 28-35, living in San Francisco or

 Oakland, California. People who work all day or who just start up his/her own business.


Pricing Strategy

·      Closet edit 

        Based on client’s lifestyle, and the current trend, go over clients closet, eliminate, add-on, mark down what it is in the closet for better shopping choice.

·      Shopping with Clients

According to client’s needs and style select particular stores to shop for more efficiency

·      Shopping without clients

            Items would be brought to the client when he/she is free and stylist will take the 

                            unwanted items back to store

·      Shopping for event attire

        3 garment layout for client, all based in store items, clients will go to store and

         try on the item.

Payment Strategy

·      Clients can pay all the charge of the service after the project , through paypal ,vemon,